Located on a sloping site facing perfectly north, the design was adapted to follow the contours of the block; now, the home would capture the breezes flowing up this Auchenflower valley for maximised natural crossventilation.

Meanwhile, the roof design was altered to create elevations that ensured maximum sun exposure  for the home’s solar panels.   

Inside, the dual level layout formed a blank canvas to create multiple living areas that flowed through and connected the home. This was future-proofing at its finest, allowing for multigenerational living or future adaptations to the build, based on the family’s needs.

With a focus on building an incredibly innovative home with environmentally-conscious design principles, state-of-the-art technology was implemented, including an Intelligent Home Access Control system which can be accessed through a smart phone or watch, and an advanced monitored security system with CCTV.  

What began as Solaire’s first project in creating these homes for the future, ended with 85 Agnes St becoming the crown jewel in the Solaire brand, and an amazing example for how luxury, sustainability and technology can live together under one roof.