Homes that push boundaries, offer luxury, protect the environment and take advantage of modern innovations.

Solaire is a young, fresh and vibrant Brisbane-based property development company on a mission: to completely redefine the construction model, by building homes that are equal parts luxurious, eco-conscious and technologically-advanced.

It is the brainchild of Harley, Paul and James; an ambitious team of three with varying backgrounds in building, design and sustainability. Most importantly, they share an indestructible passion for sparking environmental change within their industry – and believe this doesn’t have to come at the cost of comfort, style or innovation.

By combining their workmanship and experience with a master team of tradespeople, innovators and collaborators, Solaire is able to secure some of Brisbane’s best real estate, and then transform it into the trademark masterpieces they have become known for – where luxury, environment and technology meet to change the way we live.  

The team

Harley Weston 

An entrepreneur at heart, Harley Weston, Managing Director of Solaire Properties, comes from a background in exploration and geology, works commercially flying Helicopters in his spare time and has the 2nd biggest collection of rare fruit in Australia. With an understanding of materials and environmental health, he is driven by a love for biodiversity and sustainability. Launched in 2017, Solaire Properties, a collaboration with the McElhenny brothers, incorporates Circular Economy principles in their designs.

His background servicing tier 2 companies has provided him with extensive project management, logistics, operational performance & business development skills, as well as strength in mechanics, hydraulics, engineering, electrical interfacing & geology.

An analytical & structured thinker, supported by a passion to identify opportunities & solve problems, he has a diverse range of skills, including a capability to lead & inspire, with extensive experience managing both technical & non-technical teams, upwards of 500 people.

James McElhenny

James McElhenny, a fourth-generation builder, is a Director of both ARP Building Group & Solaire Properties, that work collaboratively to develop and deliver eco-conscious, luxury, smart homes in the inner-city suburbs of Brisbane.

Following his experience at one of Australia’s largest construction companies, James’ ambition and vision led him to start his now successful construction and development companies. His goal is to prove their ability to provide a more superior service to clients than their industry counterparts.

His educational background includes successfully achieving a Bachelor’s Degree of Urban Development (Construction Management) from the Queensland University of Technology. In addition to his tertiary studies, James is also currently studying a Cert. IV in Property Services, to further extend his professional capabilities in the development/real estate sectors.


Paul McElhenny

A fourth-generation builder, Paul has an extensive background in the construction of high-end property. With over 15 years of experience creating beautiful luxury homes that leave a lasting legacy, he is disciplined and his attention to detail is second to none.

While working for one of the leading organisations, Hutchies, he discovered a love for site managing & building relationships, then saw the value of hard skills associated with delivering large projects, but also the important soft skills of communication & genuine connection.

The lure of development started in 2010, followed by years of harnessing a natural ability to identify opportunities to change the landscape of the area, bringing together communities to see a vision of something more.

In 2016, together with his brother James, they started ARP Building Group and building on that in 2017, alongside business partner Harley Weston, co-created SOLAIRE Properties. He is building strong & trusted relationships with early movers, leading the way for growth of our economy, all while having environmental consciousness at the core.