Similar to past projects, the Solaire team has once again sought to challenge the status quo of the construction industry.

Cheval redefines existing standards by encompassing elements of future-proof living within its sleek, open-plan design. Through maximizing energy efficiency, space and natural cross-ventilation, the house will mitigate the need for future renovations and provide a home for generations to come.

Drawing inspiration from the rich history of the nearby Eagle Farm and Doomben Racecourses, the name ‘Cheval’ stems from the French term for ‘Horse’ and pays homage to the suburb’s vibrant past. Akin to the local Brisbane Racing Club (BRC), Cheval is the first of its kind; an Ascot home that is equal parts dedicated to automation, elegant design and eco-clever.

Cheval minimises its environmental impact through the use of sustainable materials such as an innovative underground pool water tank system situated beneath the tennis court. With the integration of dual Tesla Powerwalls, the home located on Kitchener Road was designed to be a near zero energy building that provides its owners with a comfortable and uninterrupted living environment. The add yet another level of prestige to the reputable Ascot neighbourhood.