From the wrath of Cyclone Marcia rose a business idea of three men turning the ecological housing market “sexy””

A team of mates creating one of Brisbane’s smartest and most luxurious homes has revealed the feature that sets it apart from the rest… it’s airtight.”

“The young company has won buckets of awards and plans to grow its client base. ‘We’re excited to be doing this in Brisbane and we’re looking forward to creating some ripples in the market,’ he said.”

“Solaire Properties & ARP Building have won the Master Builders QLD Brisbane Housing and Construction award for Excellence in Sustainable Living for their recently developed home, La Fleur, in the Brisbane suburb of Auchenflower.”

“Solaire Properties directors Harley Weston and James McElhenny are building a mammoth passive house, designed by award-winning architect Joe Adsett and adapted to meet stringent international design and building criteria.”

“Smart homes underpinned by strong environmental principles, like this property at 5 Ross Street, Paddington by Solaire Properties, have become a priority for Brisbane home owners and buyers in more recent years.”

“We are selling a story, not just luxury,” Mr Weston said. “We are challenging the throwaway society mentality and showing that you can live in luxury without it, literally, costing the earth.”

 “Technology, innovation, energy efficiency and the sustainable and efficient use of resources underpins the work of Brisbane-based property development company Solaire Properties. The company makes architectural homes that have full passive house certification, meaning that the properties meet all requirements for insulation, efficiency, comfort and ventilation.”

 “With the early arrival of Queensland’s storm season, what better time to invest in an in-home battery storage system to harness the full potential of you solar power system. Solaire Properties are at the forefront of sustainable house design and business manager Harley Weston said the company build homes to give a positive impact just by living there.”

“What the pretty exterior belies though, is an interior so cutting edge and advanced, it’s been labelled “pioneering in the Brisbane property market. Inside, the once-modest cottage has been transformed into a house that can be controlled and commanded entirely from a smartphone.”

“Solaire Properties who built the house are setting themselves apart from competitors, by committing to a $10,000 donation from the sale of any of their properties to be allocated to one of five environmental charities focused on animals, oceans, forests and education.”

“Solaire During normal everyday use, the home will take energy from solar power as a priority and then the batteries will be drained entirely before the home automatically switches over to the grid as a last resort for power.”


“The company said that they focus on incorporating leading edge technology, such as Control4 home automation system, energy efficient home technology, solar and battery storage with real time energy use and a freshwater swimming pool, into its design.”