5 Ross St, Paddington

At the start of the renovation journey, 5 Ross St was a tired and aged Queenslander that had seen better days – but it still had location on its side, perched in the middle of Paddington, one of Brisbane’s most sought after suburbs. By the end, it had been transformed into one of the city’s most jaw-dropping properties of 2018.

This project began long before the state-of-the-art technology and luxurious finishes arrived. In fact, it began at the demolition, with the first task being to rescue all suitable materials including concrete, weatherboards, timber VJ linings, windows and glass to maximise the recyclability of the property and minimise the project’s carbon footprint. Nothing went to waste – even the old toilet was sold.

Solaire’s efforts into making this the most eco-conscious home possible continued with the use of the highest quality sustainable materials they could find: concrete featured fly-ash and recycled slag, structural and finishing timers were

certified by the Chain Of Custody, insulation was manufactured from recycled plastic bottles, alternative cladding materials were sourced to avoid using standard fibre cladding, paint was a combination of low and no VOC, Italian porcelain tiles were Greentag certified and lighting was extremely energy efficient.

Technology- wise, a total of 38 solar panels were installed – thanks to the new roof design that makes the most of its north-facing elevation. The 10kW solar array, combined with two Tesla Powerwall 2’s allows the home to generate, store and use free, clean power from the Queensland sun, with an estimated zero power consumption from the electricity grid and bringing it closer to the Near Zero Energy tick of approval.