39 Owen Lane, Auchenflower

The Solaire team are stepping it up with their next project Vanquish, which will be Australia’s largest architectural home with full passive house certification. Set to hit the market in late 2019, it will join their past projects in redefining luxurious, sustainable homes.   

To create this groundbreaking airtight home,  Solaire is collaborating for a third time with the award-winning Joe Adsett Architects. Together, they set three focus points to keep in mind during the design and build of the house. This included future-proofing for multigenerational living, maximizing natural cross-ventilation and energy efficiency while delivering an incredibly spacious, open-plan style home to accommodate for the vibrant and modern Brisbane lifestyle.

Since the very beginning, Solaire has set out to create homes that that challenge the construction model at every turn. With a seamless blend of luxury, eco-conscious designs and state-of-the-art technology, 39 Owen Lane pushes every boundary possible.

Drawing inspiration from the German architectural approach ‘Passivhaus’, Vanquish will be airtight and built with extreme precision. Through a combination of high-performance double glazing, insulation and an airtight building envelope, the house will have crystal clean air and remain a comfortable 23 degrees celsius regardless of outside conditions.

The home at 39 Owen Lane is set to redefine clean living while also creating an opulent smart-home. With solar arrays, a Tesla battery storage system and the highest quality sustainable materials available, it pushes the envelope in every way possible. This home is set to raise the bar for living standards in Auchenflower and will become yet another luxury, near zero energy building.  

39 Owen Lane will be hitting the Brisbane market in summer 2019.